Derek's influences: Jailbreak, the Slab and St. Clare

A second preemptive episode with you host running you through his influential songs from age 10, 18 and NOW. We have a listen to AcDc's Jailbreak (1976), Hunters and Collectors' Betty's Worry (or The Slab) (1984) and Saint Jude's St. Clare. (2015) Next episode will be with a guest running us through their influences. Read Full Show Notes →

Before it all starts

A brief blab about our intentions. This plan is now going to be for season 2 as it will take a long time to collate the interviews and cut them up. Season one will be more chatty and be based on peoples fave records. We are busily organising interviews with various musicians, record industry folk, DJs, punters an will begin recording any day. Read Full Show Notes →

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