What’s This All About? Who Is This Guy? What does He Want?

December 14, 2017

Ok Ok. All in good time.

I am (Dirty) Derek Myers. I tell my mother the “dirty” tag came from spending many years as a blacksmith.

You may or may not know I have a Podcasting studio – www.castawaystudios.com.au  in my warehouse in Easey St Collingwood (Melbourne). The studio is to be used for education, helping the needy find a voice as well as having a good time.

The good time part is this, The Aussie Vinyl Show is a celebration of Aussie recordings. I don’t see records as collectibles or assets. I see them as both portals to great memories and the keys to more in the future. Not overlooking the original pleasure of just listening, it is the shared experience and the way the mutual enjoyment bonds us to various others in different ways that I enjoy the most.

The idea for an all Australian show came long ago when I picked all the Aussie material from my collection to take to a DJ gig. I wanted to see if anyone would notice. I love the idea of showing off the fact that we have been producing not only superstars since recording began, but an incredible wealth of independent, experimental and under-published talent.

As time goes by, preparations are being made to ensure the podcast is successful and enjoyable. A team is being put together as we speak. Bit by bit I am letting the recording industry know my intentions through social media and particularly the @aussievinylshow Instagram account.

Historic, editorial and guest DJ’s are the easy bit. Placing new releases in the calendar for recording so they are published in time to benefit artists is the challenge and will require some planning especially for season one. I hope artists get behind this and help us create something raw, natural and comfortable (sounds like a very expensive smoothie).

So If you read this and you are a DJ, collector, enthusiast, recording artist, record shop owner, or anything to do with Aussie Music, please please get in touch on aussievinylshow@gmail.com



derek XXX


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